Academic Society(Introduction)

Academic Society

“Be truth itself before Iran before Iran who do not complete before the Iranian people and lack the wisdom to tolerate should know.” – Woo Myung

Corporation before like-minded people

who get together a well rounded education in the Education Society was founded in 2008 academic institutions. Experts and scholars, teachers, and other activities in the field of law, is doing research on a well-rounded education. Before the Education Society aims to show you how to make the most of the whole person, the so-called minus plus the center of the existing non-academic. His mind from the outside world before the people was to create a goal to woomyeong teacher heart subtraction.
Typically holistic, physical, intellectual, emotional, and social harmony with a broad liberal arts and the development of a healthy personality is a person. For this purpose, academia and the educational system in the meantime, a lot of research and practice was also true.

Corporation before like-minded people

Complete before the (全人) is completed and the truth means the person, the person in order to be the truth, before Heo In humans will need to go back to my original mind by eliminating the human mind.
Out ‘or’ center in the world through subtraction, when the world is becoming one, reliable, trust each other and will be able to live for others. Society of orientation training before and this is the goal.


Nationwide University Faculty
Society held before training (Spring/Fall)
Before the Society of Publication
Program development support and validation

16 cities and provinces nationwide local teachers Annual
Educational Support Agency Curriculum Research Activities (each city)
Meditation teachers underwent training autonomous (summer/winter vacation)

The national elementary, middle and high school teachers
Pre-school. Elementary, middle and high students meditation program execution (of the semester)
Operating meditation camp youth / college students (of vacation)