Joy of human completion

When I started this meditation I learned that it was a 8 step method to achieve human completion. Although I didn’t have a clue what it meant to be a complete human, I was undoubtedly interested in becoming happy, as well as living a life of freedom from regrets, loneliness, sadness, and all the agonies of living as an “incomplete” or imperfect person without real sustainable happiness. Throughout the process of the guided method my life began to transform as my burdens began to melt away. Relationships improved as I no longer had my self-centered judgements of others. I began to realize that happiness comes from within and can only be realized through the method of letting go of the “self” we ourselves created and finding the true self. Step by step your life will change as your mind changes to the infinite universe mind through the method. Since achieving human completion, I now know what it means and why it is the most important thing in the world for each and every person. The meaning and purpose of why we are here is to become complete. To be complete is to have eternal life. It is very stressful going... View Article

Returning home

My name is Silvana and I started the meditation about a year and half ago. As I saw drastic changes in my father – even before I knew what this meditation was, I felt it was something I was always looking for. Starting the meditation and as I let go of my fear and limitations, I started to feel lighter with other people and in my life. Before I felt something was lacking or inadequate. I always felt like a fish out of water and even when I was with my family and friends, I felt like a foreigner all the time. I couldn’t be close to anyone truly and I was having hard time with anxiety, inferiority, and sadness. Something was inadequate and unstable. Of course with other people, I always wear armors and masks. I seemed strong, cool, and active, without any fear. But inside, I was the opposite. But now, I am able to reflect objectively – I didn’t have any inadequacy – deficiency and inadequacy were all in my mind. I always sought more love, money, friends, success, and happiness. I continuously sought even when I achieved things – an endless list – nothing fulfilled me.... View Article

The Enlightened World

Oneness is completeness. It is being without any lack whatsoever; it is having everything and living as all things. It is the Truth so everything lives in the land of one; the Truth is completion. The existence of the Truth enables the man, who is unable to be reborn as the Truth, to be born as the Truth in the true world and live as the Truth. Truth that is oneness. Nature’s flow that is oneness. Jung and Shin that is oneness. Mind that is oneness. Truth that is oneness.

Relaxing times like a neighborhood cafe

Teaneck Center USA While walking by, you can find yourself stopping at the Teaneck Center. The mind-elimination is that easy when you are so inclined, and through it, everyone’s minds also become one. This is a place where a joy of life is found, while meditating, sharing food and their minds together.

Stop Living In This Land, Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness, Live There Forever

In order to become a complete person, a whole person, one must start subtracting from his mind which, until now, he has always added to. Only then can he walk the path to human completion. Truth is revealed to the extent the pictures, which are false, have been discarded. Completion is when a man who is false becomes true. Until now people have always added more and more in their lives. However when one subtracts the pictures inside his false mind world and discards his self that is living in that false world, he can become complete and recover his original nature.

The light entered my dark life

I was the type that would cry often when I was young. I was very sensitive and I felt embarrassed when I wasn’t doing something. I had a lot of anxiety and this was getting worse as years passed. I was never satisfied and always searched for something that would help me. I wanted to escape my head which always had so many distracting thoughts. Often I would lay in bed from hours to days with always the same thoughts – how to solve problems. But I couldn’t find the answers and each time, I would feel depressed and had a sense of loss. I didn’t know what to do. But I felt there was something to my life; and that faith helped me to get up again and continue seeking answers. My life was dismal. I went into treatments due to anxiety. I also partied, drank alcohol, and smoked cigarettes – I felt like I had to do something constantly. It was a careless life. One day, I found a this meditation brochure on my desk. A helper gave me the brochure. I wasn’t interested in meditations before, but I felt I had to try it for some reason.... View Article

We are going on a vacation at the Center!

Perth Center, Australia Perth, Australia is famous for its beautiful landscape, but the best vacation spot is the Perth Center. After cleansing minds, singing and dancing are so much more fun and food is that much more delicious. Enjoying the nature along with pure mind and body is even more beautiful!

Nature’s Flow (Poetry Collection)

Nature's Flow When dealing with another,
do so with the absence of your mind.
When you do this,
that person will feel at utmost ease.
When you do this,
you will become one with that person.
When you become one with him,
he will listen to your words,
which are free of mind.
Love, compassion, and benevolence
confine the mind of another,
for they are all attachments;
they are undesirable,
for they cause you to create karma
which is what gives birth to the human mind